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Re-Elect Jessica Alexander
Temecula Councilwoman District 2 
Limited Government Directed “By The People” 

"A Voice for the People"
Alexander Watermark

Jessica Alexander has always been about committing herself to delivering real results for our community. Jessica knew running for city council was a calling and remained obedient and dedicated to always working hard and always serve the people with a servant's heart and not as a politician with an agenda.


Jessica is a mother of five wonderful children and a wife to a 34-year retired Master Gunnery Sergeant, EOD Veteran, of the United States Marine Corps. Jessica served for five years in the United States Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant (E-6) serving almost her entire duty overseas.  She began her first tour as an Ammunition Technician in Japan. Just over a year later she was selected to serve on US Embassy duty and held a Top-Secret Clearance while serving in India and Spain.  Jessica was even selected for the opportunity to protect two different United States Presidents during her tours.  She completed her duty as an Intelligence Analyst at Camp Pendleton. 


Jessica earned her bachelor’s in arts and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Spanish from Suffolk University. Jessica’s heart has always been to serve the people in her community. After graduation she worked at a drug rehab facility as a counselor for young boys in Massachusetts. 


Jessica's childhood dream was to be a police officer with the New York City Police Department.  That dream came true when she graduated from the NYPD Police Academy.  Jessica worked as a patrol officer in Brooklyn NY, as well as serving on the Quality-of-Life Team and trained and rode motorcycles for the Department.​


The opportunity arose for Jessica to marry her husband David who was her military sweetheart from their tour in Japan.  She left her career to start a family in California while her husband was stationed at Camp Pendleton. Their family has had to move several times over the years due to the military.  However, during her husband’s final tour they moved back to Temecula as they knew it was the place they wanted to raise their 5 kids.


Jessica became a small business owner of Verdant Wellness Studio.  She helped women in the areas of Personal Training, Health Coaching, and herbal and holistic living.  Today she is the Center Director of Birth Choice of Temecula (a Pro-family, Life Affirming Ministry).  She started out as a volunteer in 2019 and was hired on staff only a few months later.  Jessica continues to dedicate her time to families and children throughout the valley.


Jessica’s focus is on limited government directed by the people. Her leadership is driven by integrity and loyalty as she stands as a voice for the people, ensuring that their concerns are heard and addressed. She promises to continue to do the same even after being re-elected into office.


Thank you for your support!

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